Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fat foot

Michael played basketball with some friends Tuesday night. As you can see he had a little problem with his ankle. We spent most of the day Wednesday at the doctor's office and getting x-rays. They tell us it is just a sprain and he should be fine after it heals. It is not a shade of purple that I wanted to see on my husband.


Soccer has started!! Yeah! Conner is on the KILLER BEES this year. They have had 2 games. Conner got to play goally for the second quarter of the second game. He was an awesome goally. He stopped 4 goals (or more I lost count with all the action.) We are so proud of him he did great.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Riley starts preschool!

Riley started preschool last week. Can you believe he is old enough? I can't. Where did my baby go? Who took him and turned him into a big boy over night? He is loving preschool and mommy is loving having a few hours a week ALONE! (that's right 4 whole hours)

County Fair 08

As most of you know I was very involved in 4-H as a kid and am now involved as a volunteer. Josh is showing for the first time this year. He has 3 lambs, 1 goat and 1 pig. He and I have worked very hard with all of his animals this year. He finally got to put all of the hard work to good use last week at the Apache County fair.

He showed "Annabelle" his pig Thursday morning. She would not eat enough to make it past the minimum weight so he did not get to show in the market class, but he did do showmanship and placed second in his class. After the pig show he showed "Brownie" his goat. Brownie was the CHAMPION MARKET GOAT!! Then Josh showed in the goat showmanship. Josh was the CHAMPION JR. GOAT SHOWMAN!! Yeah Josh!!! Yeah Brownie!!!

Friday after the steer show Josh showed 2 of his 3 lambs. He showed "Miley" first and placed second in the light weight market lamb class with her. Then he showed "Rocket" in the middle weight market lamb class. Rocket was first in the class and then was the CHAMPION MARKET LAMB!!! Then Josh took Miley into the JR lamb showmanship class. Josh was the CHAMPION JR MARKET LAMB SHOWMAN!!! Yeah Josh!!! Yeah Rocket!!!

It was by no means the end of the show. Conner got his turn next. He showed Miley in the Pee Wee showmanship. Pee Wee is for younger brothers and sisters who can't be in 4-H yet. Conner showed Miley without any help from Josh. Yeah Conner!!!

Riley had been telling us all week that he was going to show Brownie but when it was time to show he did not want to. I think he was to busy playing with one of the little girls at the fair.

For those of you that live in the Valley all three of the boys will be showing at the Arizona State Fair in October. Let me know if you want more details.

Love Megan