Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scrapbook Supplies?

My wonderful husband and kids got me a cricut for my birthday.

But I don't have any thing to use it with. Do any of you scrapbookers have great places to buy supplies? I went to the drug store and looked at what they have. Let's just say nothing jumped out at me. I was hoping to find something to play with my new "toy" with. I know I can go to Show Low and Walmart and find stuff but I was hoping someone out there knows of a great online shop. Anyone?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

San Diego

For spring break we took the kids to San Diego to see Michael's parents. It was so much fun. We spent 5 days with them exploring and playing.


Lego Land

We decided we wanted to take the boys 2 places while in San Diego. Lego land and sea world. Monday we did lego land. If was a good time for the kids. All of the rides are geared towards the kids. There are a lot of really cool things built out of all legos. Here are a few of the cool lego creations.

They had a lot of rides that the kids really enjoyed. I went on a lot with Riley and I can say for a fact that he had a great time.

Here are a few of the really cool miniatures. They are all made out of Legos. There was a huge Einstein's head made out of 1.2 million legos. I didn't get a picture of it of course.

This one was my favorite. The sheep in the barn actually move their heads up and down.

Tide pools and the beach

Tuesday we spent the afternoon at the tide pools, Point Loma and the beach. We went to the tide pools first to check out some sea creatures. We found some really neat stuff.

It was a little cold when we got to the tide pools so instead of putting on shorts we rolled up our pants and kept on our jackets. Conner kept "slipping" into the water. He was so wet when we got done he had to change into his shorts to dry out.

Riley really did slip a lot so we spent a lot of time holding his hand. He to had to change into shorts when we were all finished at the tide pools.

Can you tell I haven't started working on my summer tan. My legs could glow in the dark.

I think Josh had more fun than the other boys. He was all over the place and found all kinds of cool sea creatures for us to look at.

Here are a few of the cool creatures we got to check out. Don't ask me what they are I have no clue.

When we were done at the tide pools we stopped at Point Loma. Here are a couple of the amazing views we saw.

We packed up the boys and drove to Mission Beach to play in the sand. The boys thought they would get to swim in the ocean but it was FREEZING. So they settled for playing in the sand.
This is the sand castle that they made while we were there. It took a lot of digging to make this beauty.

Josh made his own sand castle. He didn't have near as much digging as was needed for the other larger one.

This is what happens when you sit in the hole that was made digging up the sand for the sand castle. Dad, Riley and Grandma fill it in with you in it.

Riley played with this wheel barrow the entire time we were at the beach. He filled it the dumped it then filled it then dumped it again and again.

We played in the sand for a few hours once we were covered in sand from head to toe we headed home. It was another great day in San Diego.

Sea World

Wednesday Michael's parents took us to sea world. It was awesome. First we had breakfast with the orca whales. It was so cool. We got to sit less than 10 feet from the tank and the whales put on a private show.

When we got done with breakfast we went to the rays and the boys fed them fish. Sorry no pictures we were all busy feeding them. They are so slimy but really grace full to watch. After we fed the rays we went to the hands on area. Sorry I can't remember what they call it. But the boys loved it. They got to reach in and pick up sea creatures. I was afraid Riley was just going to climb in with them.

Then we watched the Shamu show and the dolphin show. The boys, Michael and his dad, Randy, sat in the "soak zone" during the Shamu show. Roxanne made Riley a homemade poncho and Michael and Randy had ponchos. Josh and Conner chose to go without and got soaked. The really mean wet when they say you will get splashed. Roxanne and I sat up high enough not to get wet so I took some really cool pictures of the whales. I had to sit in the soak zone during the dolphin show so my camera stayed in Michael's back pack. Here are some pictures of the amazing whales during the show.

We spent the rest of the day checking out the other animals, going on the rides and playing in the huge nets and the water. By the end of the day we were all wore out and ready to rest our tired feet. But it was worth every minute.

Seal tour

Thursday we went on a seal tour. We didn't ride seals. We rode in a boat/SUV. It is huge and can drive on land and then go right out into the water. It was pretty cool. Here are the boys in front of the back half of the seal.

And here is the front half of the seal. I couldn't get it all in one picture.

I won't bore you with a lot of pictures of what we saw out in the harbor. We did get to see some of the Navy's trainers working with a seal. I will show you one picture of the sea lions that lay on the bait boxes to work on their tans. The tour guide said this one was posturing to show us he was hot stuff.

If you have the chance you should check this out. We all enjoyed it.

Midway and the zoo

The last day in San Diego we went and toured the Midway, a retired aircraft carrier. It has been turned into a floating museum.

When we got on board they gave everyone except Riley (he was to young) a set of head phones and a hand held guide. Michael and Riley went off on their own tour and Roxanne and I took the other 2 and did the self guided audio tour. It was pretty impressive.

Conner didn't really fit but he had to have his picture taken in this seat anyway.

There were retired planes and helicopters on the Midway. If I had not had dead batteries in my camera I probable would have had to take a picture of these two boys in front of each and every one. I doubt Grandma would have wanted to be in everyone.

This was the best part of the tour. The brig. I enjoyed taking this picture. I just hope they never really end up behind bars.

After we finished the Midway tour we took the boys to the San Diego Zoo. I didn't get any good pictures of the boys but I did get some of the animals. Here is my favorite. They are so cute even when they sleep.

We had a great spring break, we were all glad to get home to our own beds. The next day we woke up to this yuck. I want someone to bring back spring. Please?