Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tide pools and the beach

Tuesday we spent the afternoon at the tide pools, Point Loma and the beach. We went to the tide pools first to check out some sea creatures. We found some really neat stuff.

It was a little cold when we got to the tide pools so instead of putting on shorts we rolled up our pants and kept on our jackets. Conner kept "slipping" into the water. He was so wet when we got done he had to change into his shorts to dry out.

Riley really did slip a lot so we spent a lot of time holding his hand. He to had to change into shorts when we were all finished at the tide pools.

Can you tell I haven't started working on my summer tan. My legs could glow in the dark.

I think Josh had more fun than the other boys. He was all over the place and found all kinds of cool sea creatures for us to look at.

Here are a few of the cool creatures we got to check out. Don't ask me what they are I have no clue.

When we were done at the tide pools we stopped at Point Loma. Here are a couple of the amazing views we saw.

We packed up the boys and drove to Mission Beach to play in the sand. The boys thought they would get to swim in the ocean but it was FREEZING. So they settled for playing in the sand.
This is the sand castle that they made while we were there. It took a lot of digging to make this beauty.

Josh made his own sand castle. He didn't have near as much digging as was needed for the other larger one.

This is what happens when you sit in the hole that was made digging up the sand for the sand castle. Dad, Riley and Grandma fill it in with you in it.

Riley played with this wheel barrow the entire time we were at the beach. He filled it the dumped it then filled it then dumped it again and again.

We played in the sand for a few hours once we were covered in sand from head to toe we headed home. It was another great day in San Diego.

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