Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scrapbook Supplies?

My wonderful husband and kids got me a cricut for my birthday.

But I don't have any thing to use it with. Do any of you scrapbookers have great places to buy supplies? I went to the drug store and looked at what they have. Let's just say nothing jumped out at me. I was hoping to find something to play with my new "toy" with. I know I can go to Show Low and Walmart and find stuff but I was hoping someone out there knows of a great online shop. Anyone?


Jaime said...

MEGAN!!!! Don't buy anything!!! I have a TON of NEW stuff that I will give you!! Up until a month ago, I owned an online scrapbook place so I have tons of stuff! But some of the places I shop at are (which is a monthly kit club-you subscribe and get a kit delivered to your door once a month, BUT they also have a store. Check it out. They have a messageboard where you can talk to a bunch of scrappers about scrapbooking). The store in Round Valley is better than ShowLow (don't waster your time at the scrapbook store in ShowLow). But the one in RV seems high priced to me. So that is why I recommend the kit club at Simply Obsessed. You get a variety of things which is great for starting out because everything is coordinated! And if you don't like a particular kit, depending on which subscription length you get you can skip a month. For cricut cartridges, get them off ebay. You can get them new for a lot cheaper than stores. And occasionally has deals on them. I also like to buy adhesive from I'll write down a few of my favorite online sites and get back with you. But seriously I have a TON of stuff. I'll bring you a kit to preschool tomorrow to start with and then I'll give you more as soon as I pack it up! email me if you have any questions.

JC and Jen Young said...

Well I was going to tell you to call Jamie she would be the one to talk scrapbook with but she as got a hold of you. Cool toy have fun with it.