Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy days!!

The past few weeks have been very busy, I have fallen behind on my poor blog. Here is a very overdue update.

Preschool program

Riley had a program the last day of preschool. He did not sing a word but he did do the motions along with the songs. I guess I shouldn't be surprised he didn't sing, he told me a few weeks before that he was not going to sing he was only going to do the "actions" for the songs.

Summer is here and with it comes yard maintenance.

Meanwhile on the other side of the yard Riley was hard at work.

Notice the look of concentration on his cute little face.

The last week of school the weather was really nice. It was warm enough that we hooked up a sprinkler and let the boys play in the water. Here are a few pictures from before they turned blue.

Between the end of the year school projects for Josh and baseball for Conner and Josh we have been staying very busy. I have more that I need to post but Conner has a game tonight and it is time to get going. More updates to come soon. I promise.


Katie Udall said...

Your boys are so cute. Yay for summer!

Jaime said...

Cute pics Megan! You didn't get any of Kason by chance, did ya?? I could NOT find my camera that morning! Oh and I still need to bring you some more scrapbooking supplies. Have you had a chance to scrapbook yet?